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华盛顿俱乐部(Club Washington)立足于美国首府华盛顿特区,辐射全美国,是美国联邦政府、阿拉巴马州、乔治亚州、俄勒冈州等多个州及和商会的指定合作机构和商务活动运营方。华盛顿俱乐部在全球范围内精选高净值人士、在各行业中有影响力的杰出人士、企业家、家族成为会员,旨在为中美各级别政府、世界500强企业推进全球化进行资源整合,促进中国和美国政府及民间的商贸往来。



为实现 “全球化拓展之路”的使命,华盛顿俱乐部曾多次主办美国亚洲合作发展论坛、中美商贸圆桌会议、美国总统/前总统特别招待会等重大活动,并与多个传统和新兴企业有频繁的商务交流,为我们的俱乐部会员和举办方赞助商提供国际化发展的商业机会、社会人力资源以及核心政府关系。


The Club Washington

The Club Washington (CW) is the designated partner and business operator of states and Chambers of Commerce in multiple states including Alabama, Georgia, Oregon. The Club Washington has selected high-net worth individuals, influential entrepreneurs, and families in various industries around the world. We aim to promote the globalization and integration of Global 500 at all levels, as well as to promote civil trades between China and the U.S. government.

Through CW, our VIP club members are able to investigate and explore business opportunities with Fortune Global 500s, including the Coca-Cola company Coca-Cola, UPS, Delta Air Lines, CNN and many others, as well as political institutions, and civil organizations. Club members may also seek opportunities for business investment, real estate projects on site.
CW introduces Chinese elites into the mainstream of U.S. society; it builds a solid foundation for their further development in U.S.; and provides a premium platform full of high-end resources, opportunities and networking for our VIP club members.

There are 28 members in CW Board of Directors, including state governors and the White House consultant, lieutenant governors, advisors, senators, members of the House, well-known professors at Ivy League universities, Fortune 500 business executives, social personages, etc . Our VIP club members primarily consist of well-known entrepreneurs in China and the United States, as well as the industry-based elites.

Per our mission "to promote globalization and development ", CW has hosted many major events with the Symposium on ASIA-USA Partnership Opportunities (SAUPO), the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), and special reception for the U.S. president and former president. Through frequent business communications and trades with both traditional and emerging companies, CW provides international business development opportunities, social human resources and core government relations for both our VIP club members and our sponsors.

The Club Washington is serving as one of the most influential high-end international business platforms, aiming to assist high-flyers and personages to maximize their potential and achieving success on a global scale through connections to valuable essential resources in U.S. social mainstream.
Our Team
Chairman - Springna Zhao
Executive Secretary - Dr. Ying "Henry" Wan
Legal Council - Lucy Lu
Project Manager - Tina Wei
Media Director - Eric Zhang