Members Benefits


Members Benefits

Club Washington members are authorized with the following promotional code, when booking air tickets through web site

Promotional Code:  USSME17

This code is valid until 22SEP17.






The Club Washington Members Benefits

华盛顿俱乐部(The Club Washington)立足于美国首府华盛顿,辐射全美国,是美国阿拉巴马州、乔治亚州、俄勒冈州等多个州及联邦政府和商会的指定合作机构和商务活动运营方。华盛顿俱乐部的会员审核严格,仅限如下条件的个人或机构,加入俱乐部。

The Club Washington (TCW) is the designated partner and business operator of states and Chambers of Commerce in the state of Alabama, Georgia, Oregon and many more. The Washington Club has strict requirements on selecting members. Only the individual or organization who meets the following criteria can be invited to be the members of the Club Washington.


  • 在中美交流中有影响力的杰出人士;

An influential individual in the exchanges between China and the United States;


  • 在中国与美国之间有经贸往来的企业;

The company in the economic or trade exchanges between China and the United States;


  • 在中国或美国有较大规模投资的企业或家族;

The company or family that invests in a large scale in China or the United States;



The members of the Club Washington enjoy the exclusive member benefits, include but not limited to the following.


  • 优先访问有参与人数限制的周期性活动和会议;

Priority visits to cyclical activities and meetings with limited number of participants;


  • 收到政治、商务、金融等高端私人活动的VIP独家邀请;

Receive exclusive VIP invitation for high-end private events such as politics, business and finance;


  • 享受俱乐部活动的独家会员专属价格和服务;

Enjoy exclusive club members exclusive price and services;


  • 获得独家俱乐部会员网络平台,建立政经商关系网;

Members get an exclusive club network platform, the establishment of government business relationships;


  • 与重要企业和人员对接,建立政经商关系网;

Connect the key corporates or personnel, establish government, economic or business relationships;


  • 获取针对会员进行的信息分享和信息发布;

Obtain information sharing and information release for members;


  • 获取为会员量身定制的商业信息分享与商业建议;

Obtain business information sharing and business advice tailored for members;


  • 获得与业务相关的法律及金融商业服务支撑;

Access to business-related legal and financial business services support;


  • 会员名称出现于华盛顿俱乐部主要活动及介绍中;

Members’ name appears in the main event and presentation of the Club Washington;


  • 寻找对接客户,在国际的舞台上取得成功;

Find the docking customers and achieve success in the international arena;